Easily find the data that you need

A robust and maintainable way to dynamically find values in a table


We are continuing our series of enterprise spreadsheet performance tips and tricks to help you get your unwieldy spreadsheet data back on track. Building on our first post that explained the Excel INDEX MATCH function, this second installment in our series dives into INDEX MATCH MATCH, which offers you a more powerful version of the formula to look up values across rows and columns simultaneously.  In this video you'll learn how to:

  • Dramatically improve calculation performance when using large arrays
  • Become more efficient in navigating Excel
  • Significantly improve your ability to create complex Excel models that have a heavy database component

About the author: Jeff Kayzerman, Spreadsheet Guru

xOverTime Product Services Engineer and Spreadsheet Master, Jeff creates custom spreadsheet solutions for clients that empower them to work more effectively and collaboratively with spreadsheet-based business processes. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and years of developing software solutions for Business Intelligence,  Jeff helps clients keep using the Excel spreadsheets they love, but with better performance, powerful data governance, and the ability to securely share their work.

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