xOverTime Large Utility Case Study of Rates, Modeling, Regulatory Use Cases


Delivering Better Business Data Management

xOverTime has been working with a large U.S. gas and electric utility for several years, supporting various lines of business. The subject utility has significant maturity in data management across the company, including well-documented data-governance processes for data modelling.

Data modelling at the subject utility is conducted using different tools based on prioritization of needs. Complex models with significant calculation efforts and long-term horizons, which are not subject to frequent change, are developed and delivered with commercial off the shelf tools such as SAS and MATLAB among others. Models with short-term horizons, and those subject to frequent change, are developed and managed in Microsoft Excel®.

Download the paper to learn how xOverTime helped the utility establish:

  • Data Governance – Separating Inputs, Models, Outputs
  • Data for Position Management and Compliance Reporting (Resource Adequacy)
  • Business Operational Budget Data (Revenue Requirements)
  • Outputs from Regulatory Customer Charges (Electric Rates)
  • Forward Looking Business Modelling Activities and Scenario Planning